Hi, I'm Kazuya, a DPhil student in University of Oxford.

Currently, my research interests are in Representation learning and Natural Language Processing. [ detail ]


University of Oxford 2016.10 - present
Carnegie Mellon University 2014.8 - 2016.8
The University of Tokyo 2010.4 - 2014.3


Research Topics

Representation learning Deep Learning, Topic Model
: How to learn representations of real-world, large, various unlabeld data??
Natural Language Processing Machine Translation
: Machine Translation by matching representations of two language.
Recommender System Topic Model, User Preference Modeling
: Fast and accurate recommender system for online web services.


Character Sequence Models for Colorful Words by Kazuya Kawakami Chris Dyer Bryan Routledge Noah A. Smith . EMNLP 2016: Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing 2016 [ URL ]
Neural Architectures for Named Entity Recognition by Guillaume Lample Miguel Ballesteros Sandeep Subramanian Kazuya Kawakami Chris Dyer . The 15th Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies 2016 [ URL ]
Learning to Represent Words in Context with Multilingual Supervision by Kazuya Kawakami Chris Dyer . International Conference of Representation Learning, Workshop Contribution 2015 [ URL ]
User Behavior Analysis on Zexy net by Shuhei Itsuka Masashi Hamano Kazuya Kawakami Yutaka Matsuo Seigen Hagiwara Takayoshi Kawakami Takayuki Hamada . jsai2013 ( Japan Society of AI ) 2013 [ PDF_file ]
The application of Deep Learning in Recommender System by Kazuya Kawakami Yutaka Matsuo . jsai2014 ( Japan Society of AI ) 2014 [ PDF_file ]

Other Reports

Multilingual and Multimodal word representation by Kazuya Kawakami Bryan Routledge Noah Smith Chris Dyer . 2016 [ URL ]
Semantic Representation via Multilingual Sentence Equivalence by Kazuya Kawakami Chu-cheng Lin . 2015 [ URL ]
Deep Learning Tutorial with Theano by Kazuya Kawakami . LTI Deep Learning Tutorial 2015 [ URL ]
Recurrent Networks Tutorial by Kazuya Kawakami . LTI Deep Learning Tutorial 2015 [ URL ]
Modeling Sequence with Neural Networks by Kazuya Kawakami . 2014 [ URL ]
海外留学の経緯 by Kazuya Kawakami . 2014 [ PDF_file ]
留学先からのレポート 11/2014 by Kazuya Kawakami . 2014 [ PDF_file ]

Lecture Series

Deep Learning Basics: Teacnerual networks and machine learninghing deep nerual networks and machine learning to 50 students., AIL Tokyo, 2015
Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Theoretical background of deep learning and application to language to 70 students., Graduate school of information science and technology, The Unviersity of Tokyo, 2016


embedding-evaluation tool : evaluation scripts for word-embeddings, including wordsim task, cross-lingual document classification task [ code ]
colurful word representation : code for compositional character level model for colorful words. [ code ]


Industrial Growth Platform Expert 2014.3 - 2014.7
: Data Analysis for consumer understanding and recommender system. [ IGPI ]
The University of Tokyo, Weblab Research Assistant 2012.10 - present
: In a project with Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd, I designed a recommender system for online weddings reservation system, called ZEXY. [ Recreuit Holdings, ] Part time job 2013.4 - present
: I was a developer of, which is a search engine based on semantic web, automatically collecting and visualizing information focusing on human relations. [ Spysee ]
Socket Part time job 2012.12 - 2013.6
: I was in charge of the financial planning for a middle size venture company. [ Socket ]
SHIBUYA 109 Data Analysit (Personal Contract) 2013.6 -
: I was entrusted with a data analysis project of one of the most popular apparel e-commerce service. [ 109 NET Shop ]


Course Projects

Advanced Programming Thermal Conduction Simulation/Multiagent System :
[ Prof.Demachi, Prof.Izumi ]
Advanced Project Semantic Web, NLP :
Automatic tagging system for the historical research system. [ Prof.Yamato ]
Entrepreneurship BOP business in Kenya :
Lecture of entrepreneurship in cooperation with SONY. [ Prof.Abe ]
Mathematical Programming and Optimization Dynamic Programming :
I implemented basic optimization algorithms such as SGD, Fletcher Reeves, BFGS. [ Prof.Suzuki ]
Multiagent System Multiagent System :
Game theory [ Prof.Nishino ]
Natural Language Processing Economist :
My first project in Text Mining that extract trends from NEWS in ECONOMIST.
Social Network Analysis Geo Tag, Recommender System

Other projects

Chemistry Photocatalyst (self project) :
Experiment of water purification by titanium oxide based photocatalyst.
Chemistry Superconductivity :
Thoretical analysis -BCS theory- of superconductive phenomenon: flux pinning, magnetic flux quantization , and experimantal analysis of it. I made a superconductor -Yttrium barium copper oxide- by hand. exciting!!
Electronics Circuit Design :
Circuit design with Lab-View. [ Prof.Banno ]
Geography of Latin America Vegetation of South America :
Analysis of the Lomas Vegetation, along the Coastal Desert of South America. [ Prof.Oka ]
French Litterature Baudlaire :
What is the concept of MODERNITE?? [ Prof.Tsukamoto, PDF_file ]
Philosophy Michel Foucault :
Analysis of the surveillance in modern society and in history, on the basis of the concept presented by Michel Foucault. [ Prof.Couchot, PDF_file ]
Calligraphy 双鉤填墨 :
Making an imitating copy of "Shikaishi". It took more than one hour to write a single letter... [ My Work ]



: Baseball [ Video ], Tennis, Swimming
: Calligraphy [ My work ]
: French, Python
Web Crawling
: Stock Data, Fashion SNS, CS Publishers, NEWS... if you need, please contact me [ contact ]
: Paris, Montpellier, Dubai, Shangai


Kazuya Kawakami ( 川上 和也 )
(412) 694-5898

Kazuya Kawakami @ University of Oxford